Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Slagle Family Stories during WWII

Thursday morning I interviewed the Slagle family who told me about what it was like on the home front in Chestertown during World War II. They all had different stories about what they did as kids during the war. A few of the stories they talked about were the local businesses, where they got there news, women in the work force, and talking about the war ending. The community during that time was close as ever because so many people they knew were in the war. Local businesses during that time were family owned businesses and were much busier than it is now.  All the kids played games after school downtown.  Where they got there news was mostly from the radio. They talked about certain radio speakers that always came on during that time and they gathered around and listened. Jobs during that time were mainly women. They were working in various areas, but many were working at the munitions plant in town where they made detonators for the grenades. Some worked also at the grocery stores in town. Women played an important role during that time and it changed the role of women from being a homemaker to the bread maker while the men were off fighting the war. Lastly, they talked about the end of the war, Rene who was only a child back then remembers her brother getting his shotgun and shooting a radio or something electric in two to celebrate the war ending. The stories they told came from the heart and you can picture yourself in their shoes, which I found amazing.

--Abby Gordon 

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