Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ginny Hague: Class of 1941

Ginny Hague Class of 1941 Yearbook Photo
It's not everyday that you get to interview 1 of 4 people left from Washington College's Class of 1941. I was lucky enough to have that honor with interviewing Ginny Nock Hague.

Washington College has always been a close knit community of students, staff, and faculty. Yet for Ginny's class and those before hers, the community was even more tightly knit. On graduation day, President Mead, asked Ginny if he was going to invited to her wedding, which happened to be two short weeks after graduation. President Mead did receive an invite, but sadly, did not show up. She told me a little bit about her days in Reid Hall, where all of the women on campus stayed (no co-ed dorms like today!). Ginny mentioned how the ratio of men to women during her time at school was 2:1. All of her classes were in the same building (William Smith Hall), the dining hall was one room, and the gym had a metal balcony track and stood where our library now stands.

Ginny Hague Today 
Ginny Hague, a sister of Alpha Chi Omega, joined the sorority the first year it went National as well. She and her sisters would host dances, and the war that was going on in Europe was just a far away thing that simply didn't affect those at college during this time.
As Ginny was married two weeks after graduation, she moved to Pittsburgh with her husband Charlie Hague (Class of 1938), who was an electrical engineer. He was not drafted because he was an engineer. While they were living in a city, the company Charlie worked for bought a piece of rural land and allowed all of their workers and families to have a garden. Some gardens did really well, and others not so well. But the Hagues were lucky. Charlie had grown up on a farm (the same farm Ginny now lives on) and was able to maintain a flourishing Victory Garden.
Ginny Hague is a lovely woman, who was just a lot of fun to talk to. Her college years were truly some of the best years of her life. She also allowed me to play with her five kittens that she had sitting on her porch. Needless to say... It was a wonderful interview!

-Sarah Graff

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