Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Archival Friday: Terrence M. Burrows, Jr.

Terrence M. Burrows Jr.

The man I researched was Terrence M. Burrows Jr.  He was born in Baltimore on March 23rd, 1923, and boy was he born in a bad year.  If you were born in 1923, you would’ve been 18 in 1941, the year when Japan attacked America and Germany attacked the USSR.  He spent one year as a freshman in Washington College; I was only able to find a few blurry pictures of him in group yearbook photos.  It was a way to learn a bit about him.  For example, he was a freshman in 1942.  He was also in the Classical Society, a pledge for the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, and a member of his local YMCA.

While in the armed service, he served in the 390th bomber group as well as the 569th bomb squad, flying in a B17 Flying Fortress.  The plane’s serial number was 43-38173.  He died on December 24th, 1944 after being held by the Germans as a POW.  While the exact location of his prison is tricky to determine, it’s likely he was on a boat that was shot down by American planes.  He currently has a grave in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Talbot County, Maryland.

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--Elijah McGuire-Berk

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